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Learn Top 3 Secrets to Recover All your Pending Payments & Bad Debts at Zero Cost, Fully On Your Own, Without Going to Court, against any Company in India or World - Easier Than You Think

Learn directly from Vinay Jain, India's No. 1 Money Recovery Expert 

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In This Webinar, You Will Learn;

✅ 3 Secrets to recover all your outstanding dues from anyone without going to court.

✅ How to recover dues against PSU's/Listed Companies/Small or Big Corporate.

✅ How to recover all your dues with compound interest, quickly and at zero cost.   

Interview of Mr. Vinay Jain on IBC 24 on expectations for MSME Sector from the Union Budget 2022.


  We are a Service Provider Company/Architecture/               Chartered Accountant / Engineer / with large pending         dues from many different clients on a regular basis                 leading to severe cash crunch.

  I am a factory owner and with large Working Capital            Problems due to delay in payment by clients & lots of          bad debts also.

  I am a manufacturer with Increased dependence on              CC/ loan limits since payments are not always                        received on time from clients.

  I have many small/ big clients against whom I cannot            afford to initiate any recovery proceedings due to high          costs.

  I need to recover huge amounts but cannot afford high          legal costs.

   We have many small pending dues in the range of few         thousands to 2-3 lakhs but don't know what to do since         I don't have right knowledge and advice on next steps.        

   I have heard that the government has made strong                 provisions for recovery of dues of small to medium                 businesses/ service enterprises but neither I know                 anything about them nor I know how to use them to               recover my money.

   We have to agree to our Client's terms and fixed                      contracts which are in their favour only & makes it                  difficult for us to start recovery proceedings.

   My clients always pay extremely late without any                      interest and I don't know how to recover my interest              cost from them.


I started helping Business Owners / MSMEs at different levels to recover their dues and also remove the complications from their businesses. ​We were fortunate to win some good & big cases against large PSUs and Corporates on behalf of small business owners.​ But over the years I realised something else needed to be done to solve this nationwide problem of all MSMEs / Business Owners and increase the awareness of recovery provisions and also make them self reliant, since not everyone is able to afford a high cost recovery proceedings which at times may take years and years.​I then decided to use my experience and study and research more extensively to educate and empower Business Owners and MSMEs to be able to recover the majority of their dues on their own at Zero Cost. And this Course is the outcome of that extensive research & hard work. If you are reading this, then I congratulate you on having reached so far and being so close to gaining that knowledge and skill set & wish you all the Best.
Lets help to make India better.​
Jai Hind !!

Vinay Jain,
India’s No. 1 Money Recovery Expert
Author, Coach, Solicitor & Advocate on Record - Supreme Court of India, C.S.

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